HandiLube Spray

Water Displacing & Penetrating Spray

■ Eliminates
Moisture, Silences Squeaks
■ Protects against Corrosion & Rust
■ Frees Sticking & Seized Parts

Handipac HandiLube is an all purpose water displacing and penetrating oil spray that lubricates, and protects against rust, removes moisture, silences squeaks.  Handipac HandiLube frees sticking & seized parts and removes grease, tar, gums, and most adhesives from surfaces.  Handipac HandiLube is ideal for preventative spray maintenance and 1000’s of general uses around the home & workplace.

Handipac Silicone spray also can be used as a injection moulding release agent.

Can 300g net

Part No. HPHL300

Ctn Qty. 12